The Evercontact chrome plugin can work in real-time, 100% in the background, and automatically update your contacts in Gmail.

Basically, while in Gmail, if you're reading an email with an email signature, it will detect this & then check your address book to see that contact can be improved. (all of this in just a few seconds)

  1. If the contact can be improved, you'll see this button:

  2. If the contact is already up to date, you'll see this button:
  3. Once the button appears, you can click to save the new contact information in real-time & then edit the contact as well.


How to get it working

1) Go to the Chrome Tool/Settings button in the very top right of your browser, then choose "more tools", then "Extensions".

Go to the Evercontact section & click on "options" just underneath the tool.

 Click "Display in Gmail" and then "save".

Now go back to Gmail & reload your browser.  

Go to an email that has an email signature & wait a few seconds until you see the contact pop-up in the top right of Gmail as you see below:

5) At this point, you'll see that it will work on any email that you're reading & give you the possibility to save/edit contact details at any point (and to confirm that your contacts are beautifully updated otherwise!).