If Evercontact is not yet working for your domain after 24 hours (that's the time it takes to process the first contact updates), the following steps will help you to resolve the problem :

1. Go into the Google Apps settings for your domain:



2. Then go to Evercontact settings by clicking on Apps > Marketplace Apps > Evercontact as you see in the 3 screenshots below:






3. Click on application options, then select 1) 'ON for everyone' then 2)'Turn on for everyone' as you see in the 2 screenshots below:





This is what you should see then:





If Data Access is marked Granted, continue to step 4.
If it’s not, click Grant data access :



Now it should look like this :


4.  Launch Evercontact by clicking on the launch icon:





This will take you to your Evercontact Corporate settings:



Finally, the API must be enabled, If it's not here's the quick process to get that set up.