First, what's the difference between these two modes?

  • Intelligent mode only analyzes emails that you open and read for at least 3 seconds.
  • Automatic mode analyzes all of your new emails when you launch Outlook, and as they come in, continually checking for new email.  (Note: For slower computers, this mode can be "heavy" on your computer's memory and CPU and create lags.

By default, all new users are now on intelligent mode.  To change from one mode to the other, click "File" and go into your Evercontact settings as you see here, and then click on Advanced. Then click the Show Advanced button that appears on the right:


A popup asking if you really want to display these settings will then appear. Click yes

Your Advanced settings will then open on the right:

You can then choose which mode you prefer:



If you change from Intelligent mode to Automatic mode (or vice versa), you will see the following popup:


If you click yes, your Outlook will close and need to be restarted.

After switching, if you notice a lag while you're on automatic mode (this could be throughout your use of Outlook or when launching the application), then we suggest you revert back to intelligent mode.