The chrome plugin works in an active away as described below, or passively, in the background within gmail.  (Learn more about the gmail specific solution here.)


How to grab contact information that you find online:

1) Highlight the text you want to grab. 
2) Then click on the little "e" for Evercontact button. (just to the right of the URL bar) 

3) The text you have highlighted will be analyzed and then you can choose to save the contact information into these environments:

a) directly into google contacts 

b) to your computer (in the form of a Vcard)

Note: If it's your first time using the extension, you will need to sign into Google (using your email address) and then if you'd like to be able to save directly into Google Contacts you need to provide permissions to access and modify that address book.  

  • Please keep in mind that we respect your privacy and would never use the information you "grab" for any reason other than providing you with a quality service.  Read more on our privacy pledge here.