Multi-Account is a paid feature that allows you to have multiple Gmail/Google Apps accounts analyzed, and all of the contacts found in these multiple accounts go to one main account.

To add multiple accounts, please follow these steps:

(Note: If all of the Gmail accounts that you want to attach are already signed up with Evercontact, you can skip the following four steps and go to the next section.)

1) Sign out of all of your Gmail accounts (most important).  

2) Then sign into Gmail with the email address you'd like to add (and only that one address).   

3) If possible, open a "new incognito window" (ctrl+shift+N in Chrome) or "new private window" (ctrl+shift+P in Firefox). In that incognito window, go to Evercontact and sign up with that new email address. 

4) Repeat steps 1-3 if you have multiple accounts.  You are allowed up to 2 secondary accounts.

Finally, choose which email address you would like to be your main account:

1) Log into Gmail with only that main account. Next, sign into Evercontact, and then within your settings go to the "Multi-Account" tab. Click the button marked "Activate Multi-Account"

2)    In the popup that appears, enter your secondary account, and then click “Attach”.

3)    You will receive an email confirming the secondary account. Once you approve it, you will be all set!



After you’ve added more than one account, you can choose whether you want the secondary account(s) to be "Single" or "Multiple" update --- Single means that only the address book of the master account is updated, whereas Multiple means it updates both your master and secondary are updated.

(Note: In Multiple mode, Secondary accounts only get their own contact updates. They do not get updates from contacts found on the master account or other secondary accounts.)