Evercontact for Outlook is very much an automatic and in-the-background type of service.  That being said, there are 3 areas where you can see your updates, adjust your preferences, and manage your license(s).


1) Evercontact pane

  • Click on any name and you'll see the contact info (and you can edit it by clicking "show contact") or see the mail from which it was created/updated ("show mail").
  • You can also move it around your interface or hide it as well.


2) Evercontact settings in Outlook

  • Simple actions from the top of your file menu:



  • There are more settings under FILE > Evercontact
  • Modify the visibility of the plugin, how often you update the plugin, send/clear your bug file (if you're experiencing any problems), change which address book Evercontact updates, blacklist certain updates for a contact or entire domain.




3) Your Personal Page (Evercontact website)


This is where you can see your license, purchase a license (or if you're admin, multiple licenses and manage them) and buy ContactRescue  (formerly Flashback) packages. You will need to create a password upon your first visit.



For more information, check out our Evercontact for Outlook documentation.