ContactRescue  requires IMAP access to your email for the past year.  For desktop clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Sparrow etc, users might change their IMAP settings to speed up performance.  If that's the case, ContactRescue won't work and the settings need to be changed (the first permanently, and the second--- which slightly impacts performance--- only temporarily).    


Quick Fixes

NOTE: If you have more than one gmail account, when you click below, make sure it takes you to the email address settings you need to change.


1) Click here to go to your gmail label settings  and click "Show in IMAP" for All Mail and Sent Mail as you see below.  This setting needs to stay this way permanently.





2) Click here to go to your gmail IMAP settings and click "Do not limit" as in the second screen shot below.  This setting change is temporary for users with desktop clients and you can revert it to "limited folder sizes" immediately after your ContactRescue is complete.